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  • Is variety the spice of life? - There’s no doubt about it – I’m an extravert. Probably in the social sense and, without a doubt, in the sense intended by Carl Jung in his research on personality. This research was built on and expanded by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, a mother and daughter, who popularised the theory by creating a […]
  • The personal touch - I’m beginning to think I’m seriously out of touch with the youth of today. Well, technically, in my mid-forties I am – not much thought required. But the reliance on electronic communication and social media means that the personal touch is diminishing sharply. I’m thinking particularly about thank you letters; in a previous blog entry, […]
  • Substance or soundbite? - So, it’s 7 May 2015: the day of the General Election in the UK – it’s finally arrived and I’m feeling virtuous that I’ve done my bit by marking a cross with a stubby pencil in my chosen boxes. But the whole election campaign has felt a bit surreal and, in the end, who I […]
  • You will never regret being too kind - “You will regret many things in life, but you will never regret being too kind or too fair” Brian Tracy I recently ran an Effective Business Writing course for the employees of a care home business based in the north of England, although they have homes throughout the UK. It’s a sector I didn’t know […]
  • Playing my part - A couple of years ago, I was asked if I’d complete a questionnaire to help a colleague with his dissertation for a Masters in Music. The title was Benefits Beyond Music: Transferable skills for adult life. He had been invited to join ‘a Conference Board webcast on “Arts Education and the Innovative Workforce”, which seemed […]
  • Reflection: good for the soul? - I don’t often make New Year’s resolutions – but if I decide to, and they’re realistic, I’m reasonably good at sticking to them. This year I was inspired by my Czech sister-in-law, who was thrilled to receive a new diary as a Christmas present from her husband (my brother). It was a particular brand that […]
  • Training versus learning - Daniel Finkelstein wrote recently in The Times “My sister found herself in an awkward conversation with her broadband services supplier to whom she was making a complaint. After a sticky exchange she finally interjected: ‘If you don’t mind me saying so, you aren’t dealing with this complaint awfully well.’ To which the woman on the […]